15 Jahre Bike Syndikat Köln

We are celebrating 15 years of Bike Syndikat on Saturday, the 23. of November.
For the first time in 15 years there is going to be a pre-event in Venlo, with a group ride going from Venlo to Cologne on Friday.
On Saturday there is the Open Cologne Championship, which is going to be a gruesome Toka alleycat through the whole city. You think Cologne is small? Better think again. Maybe we also do a slow sprint or a short skid contest, who knows?
Saturday evening is our birthday party in the Tsunami Club in Cologne Südstadt. Expect beer, punkrock bands and us.
Sunday is all about relaxation. There might be some polo games, there is definitely some breakfast and some more beers.
Accommodation is no problem, but better bring a sleeping bag and a newspaper to sleep on as couch places are rare.
As soon as we have more information we will share it with you. For questions just contact one of the hosts or NoSleepTill.
We hope to see you all in November
The Bike Syndikat crew


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