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17th of Dec’16: Chistole Party #2 [official CMWC closing party]

To all the Bike Messengers, who wants to join the CMWC closing Party in Paris:

17th of DEC 2016, 11 PM- 5pM

Péniche Aabysse Face au 1 quai François Mauriac Phone Number Trace , 75013 Paris, France
Le comité d’organisation de CMWC Paris et Chistole Records s’associent une nouvelle et dernière fois pour fêter la réussite des championnats de cet été et le traditionel Noël des coursiers à vélo.

  • Une soirée de coursiers, par des coursiers, pour les coursiers et les bénévoles des CMWC …
    Line-up :
    Chistole Records Dj’s : Deep House to Prog
    PAF : 10€
    Open Bar
    Chistole all the night
    ♥ Messlife ♥


5th of Nov : CARRY SHIT CARGO RACE, #Paris

Saturday, November 5 at 9 AM – 6 PM

32 rue moussorgski, 75018 Paris, France
SUM CARRY SHIT 615-544-7507 , is a cargo race in closed track – like a mario kart – open to every cargo & only cargo, this race is set up to havin fun & shit loads. U think u’re cargo fast ? Speak to much on facebook ? This event is for you, shame is priceless, we’ll have fun #shameless
Open to every foodeliver, independant cargo messengers, or cargo addict, cargo boyz & girlz !
Carry the most & see who’s fast.
Registration : 5€ / limited tickets
Bonus included : * Heavy strava cargo segment * Surprise
Pas de noel des coursiers cette année, le pére noël vient en cargo cette année, trop rapide #servicecouriier #cargo #sorrynotsorry
Facebook EVENT

19.12.2015 // 14H REDWINEBLOODTASTE by Querterium

Man sagt, dass wenn Du Dich nicht nach kotzen fühlst, dann fährst Du kein Radquer. Das bekommt in diesem RennMan sagt, dass wenn Du Dich nicht nach kotzen fühlst, dann fährst Du kein Radquer.

Das bekommt in diesem Rennen eine ganz eigene Bedeutung und wie sich gezeigt hat, so hat auch jeder seine ganz eigene Taktik damit umzugehen.

19.12. 2015
14 Uhr

HOMEPAGE Querterium




10 Jahre FFM / RMR360° / König von Frankfurt / Velodrom

Ok, almost ready. Here is what we have in mind:

Friday 25.09

15:00 Hi @ Blaues Haus (Niederräder Ufer 2)
16:00 RMR 360° Start -ontime- @ Blaues Haus
during the Alleycat: CourierCinema @ Blaues Haus
~ 23:00 Groupride from Blaues Haus to After Party @ HoRst (in cooperation with RAVEBOTTA (Kleyerstr. 15 –>

Saturday 26.09

12:00 Breakfast @ Parrots & Crows(Battonstr. 4-8)
15:00 König von Frankfurt Start -ontime- @ Alte Oper
20:00 After Race Party @ Parrots&Crows
~ 00:00 Secret After-After Party @ Somewhere in the wilderness of Frankfurt

Sunday 27.09

12:00 Groupride to the Velodrom @ Alte Oper
14:00 Racing / BBQ / Beers @ Velodrom (Heidelberger Straße 150, Darmstadt)

check for more information…

We invite you to come to Frankfurt, celebrate with us 10 years of Frankfurt’s Finest Shizzle with races, parties, the last sun of the summer and a lot more! Dropalots, searchalots, findalots are all invited, even the ridealots will be there! The event starts friday, 25.9.15 with a huge alleycat, the world famous RMR360°…goes on saturday with another 6 Alleycats in one 615-544-7594 , searching the ‚König von Frankfurt‘ and will finish on sunday, 27th at the velodrome. There will also be some music around, some fresh food, side-events and some other of that good stuff. We can find a sleeping place for you…in any case please write to if you think about coming, just that we know about it. Vai vai rasare. We want you here.


Basel Cycle Messenger Championship 10-13th of Sept 2015


Basel Cycle Messenger Championships 2015

Basel goes hard! 10 – 13 September 2015

This year we crown the Basel Cycle Messenger Champion in a challenging Main Race on a closed criterium course in the middle of the Kleinbasel red light district.

We invite you all to Basel for a challenging weekend packed with Chistole, Racing and Parties.

THE HIGHLIGHT of the weekend is the BIG 10 years courier anniversary party of our Astried. Be prepared for a tough night :)

Here you can download the whole BCMC2015_Schedule

Thursday 10th September 2015

19h:     Screening of “Cyclique”, kult.kino camera, Rebgasse 1Flyer_Cyclique

Friday 11th September 2015

18h:     Registration, meet `n greet, grill `n chill, Elisabethenanlage, Bahnhof SBB

20h:      Start (sharp!) Monopoly Alleycat, Elisabethenanlage, Bahnhof SBB

22h:     BCBC – Basel Courier Bar Crawl – Exploring Basels most popular courier bars, Start    Cargobar, St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46

Saturday. 12th September 2015

10h:     registration and breakfast at kaserne, Klybeckstrasse 1b

12h:      Main Race “Red light Crit”, at Kaserne Klybeckstrasse 1b as the main race is part of a pro Velo Event we will start at 12h sharp – no messenger time!

15h:      Skid, Sprint, Trackstand, Funny Games at Kaserne Klybeckstrasse 1b

19h:     dinner, “10 years Astried messbabe Party, Sauna at Karawanserei, Uferstrasse 40

Sunday, 13th September

11h:     Breakfast at at Karawanserei, Uferstrasse 40

14h:      Tour de Bâle -> a nice ride through Basel and its surroundings at Karawanserei, Uferstrasse 40

Registration open during all events. Registration fee CHF 30.00, including all races, 3 meals and cheap beer!

For realtime updates check the FB Event or



 BCMC Website:

Online Registration:

Registered List:

For realtime updates check or



MAXIPOLO WEEKEND // Brussels Edition // 17.18.19. July 2015

MAXIPOLY ALLEYCAT brings you a hot summer weekend of racing, beers, bbq and friends. The main event being a monopoly-style 8 hour beast of a race. It will take place on the 17, 18 & 19 of July 2015.

Organised by messengers, especially for messengers (but it’s of course open to everyone, as we are)

We would like to welcome all our friends and colleagues to our fair city and give us our special take on it.




PICK UP : Friday.17/07/2015_18.00
DROP OFF : Sunday.19/07/2015_24.00
FRIDAY 17/07
_Minicat I
_Breakfast / Registration
_Minicat II
SUNDAY 19/07
_Trackday / Side-Events / Barbecue
_Award Ceremony

15€ = Housing + Welcome Beer + all races + trackday
35€ = Housing + Welcome Beer + all races + trackday + Food ( 2 meals on Saturday / 2 on Sunday)

Register on :

If you have some questions 615-544-8891 , drop us a line at

Ride safe!

C H I S T O L E !

Hattara & François




PRECMC 2015 > Groupride > Basilea // Gottardo // Milano

The Basel messenger family warmly welcomes you to a wonderful weekend and invites you to join us in crossing the alps from Basel to Milano.

We will be organizing a thrill and fun filled schedule for you from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Of course there will be an alleycat, funny games, an awesome party, great food and a couple of surprises! We’ll be updating this space with more information.

FROM MAY 22th – MAY 28th 2015 //


The Gotthard Pass

The Gotthard Pass has been one of the most important trading routes along the north-south-axis in Europe since the middle ages. For a long time, it was the only connection between the German-speaking part of Switzerland and the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino and Italy. The old pass road Tremol still exists to this day on the south side of the mountain. Today, this ancient cobblestone road winds steeply up the mountain and is almost exclusively used by cyclists and the old postal service stagecoach.

The pass will be a real challenge for every participant and as such requires a high standard of physical fitness. After scaling 1,700m of elevation in 40km, the pass itself lies on an elevation of 2,106m. Even at the end of May, it’s very possible that two meter high walls of snow will be lining the roads on each side. Make no mistake, it will be cold. Where the sun doesn’t reach, it will be very cold indeed. As tested by Pavian, Armin and Daniel, it is possible to ride the pass in a fixed gear, but it’s recommended to not exceed a 48:17 gear ratio. It’s advised to bring along a 19 or 20 tooth cog.

WARNING: Crossing the pass brakeless is extremely dangerous and thus forbidden.

The Gotthard isn’t just a mountain or a pass though: For most Swiss people it’s a symbol. In the late 19th century a 15km long rail tunnel was driven through the hard granite. To achieve this amazing feat of engineering, thousands of Italian guest workers were recruited from the poor parts of North Italy to toil away in the tunnels day and night under miserable conditions. These Tschinggen, as the Italians were disdainfully called, established themselves as guest workers and immigrated into Switzerland in the thousands. Here, they were treated badly and discriminated against for decades. Today, this Italian influence has left lasting impressions on Swiss culture and culinary traditions and many Italians have found a home in Switzerland. I’d say that’s as good a reason as any to join our Italian friends by crossing the Gotthard from Switzerland and have a great time with them and everybody else at the ECMC Milano! And if we’re lucky, there will be loads of delicious Pasta waiting for us.

facts and figures:

  • around 400km in 5 days
  • lodging either in your own tent or in provided dormitories
  • support vehicle for emergencies
  • luggage can be transported in the support vehicle
  • ride in one of two performance level groups or alone
  • daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

20.02.2015 MEO Generalversammlung

Meine lieben Kurierherren & Damen sowie Interessenten,

Die Messenger Event Organisation wird wieder eine Generalversammlung abhalten.
Wir laden alle Mitglieder dazu ein sowie die, die es noch nicht sind und es noch werden wollen.
Besprochen wird die Planung für 2015 sowie um Input sind wir sehr dankbar und freuen uns Euch am:

KUZ Fahrerraum, Dachsfelderstrasse 30

begrüssen zu dürfen.


Ride on and Allez Allez Allez :)




Kek from Duisburg is organizing again a great fun event :)
Duisburg(GER) x New York(USA) Sister City Cat-Fundraiser for this Years CMWC2015-MELBOURNE!

Feb 7- Feb 8
12pm – 12pm
Duisburg X New York



Save the Date and show up either in Duisburg or in New York…or both if you have some sort of Courier-Superpowers, that lets you exist in two places at the same time!

Check out who’s going‘ and join the CREW!


Back To The Future Part III

GET dressed and be ready for racing!

The another Race Odysee 2014 is in town with another alley cat again.

The last, ultimative and final part of the BTTF-Series. Who’s gonna take the challenge?

  • 27th of Sept 2014
  • Uferstrasse 91, 4057 Basel

  • 8.00pm

  • Anybody, who wants to make a Checkpoint please contact Pavian via FB message





Hallo Schweiz, Salut Suisse, Ciao Svizzera! 

We already did it at the BCMC 2014 in Basel and rocking`further to SUICMC 2014 in Nyon!
It is the time of the year to rock and race again:

5.-7.9.2014 GENEVE/NYON


BCMC 2014 // Monopoly Alleycat // Results // Another Race Odysee 14

Here are the results for the Monopoly Alleycat // BCMC 2014

All results are going into the Serie: Another Race Odysee 2014 ////

  1. Tomi Alpa & Janine
  2. Ali Bär (Berlin)
  3. Kai Sonnenrein
  4. Jakob Benz (St. Gallen)
  5. Martin 615-544-3989 , Carol, Cynthia, Tanja
  6. Bringi
  7. Patrick Weber
  8. Matous, Jan, Jirrka, Simon (PRG Crew)
  9. Fabian Gasser & Mereth
  10. Kevin Hedinger
  11. Beni Ackermann
  12. Fillipo & Daniele (Milano)
  13. Hagen, Leo & Flo
  14. Melanie & Piije (Biel)
  15. Tim & Martin (FFM)
  16. Adrian (Neuchâtel)
  17. Renato Frei (Berlin)
  18. Domenik SeinigeBCMC 2014

Basel Cycle Messenger Championchips 2014


After 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007 it’s time for another BCMC! The Basel crew wants YOU for a thirsty summer weekend packed with CHISTOLE like: 

Friday 29th August 2014

18h: Meet ’n Greet, Grill ’n Chill, Registration, Elisabethenpark, Bahnhof SBB

20h (sharp!!) Monopoly Alleycat, Elisabethenpark, Bahnhof SBB

22h: BCBC – Basel Courier Bar Crawl– Exploring Basels most popular courier bars, start @ cargobar, St. Johanns Rheinweg 46

Saturday. 30th August 2014

11h: Registration, Breakfast by Mischka & ALI at Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

13h: Tour des Tours de Bâle – an easy ride visiting a selection of beautiful sights of Basel:
Start @ Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

15h : Main Race Riehen, Kornfeldkirche, Kornfeldstr. 51, Riehen , as the main race is part
of an official swiss cycling road race we will start at 15h sharp – no messenger

18h: Uphill Mass Sprint St. Chrischona (rigth next to the mainrace venue)

19h: Clitorino Party: dinner by Mischka & ALI, cheap beer, Gold Sprints, Indoor Cross, Track Stand, Skids, Sauna, at Kaschemme, Lehenmattstrasse 356

Sunday, 31th August 2014

11h: Breakfast at Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

12h: Lakejump, Sauna, Funny Games, Sprint, Skids, Prizegiving, Chillout, Landestelle,
Uferstrasse 90

16h: Prizegiving, Au revoir!

Registration open during all events. Registration Fee CHF 15.00

BCMC Website:

Online Registration:

PDF Schedule:

For realtime updates check the FB Event or

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our beautiful town :) 615-544-0050

15 plus 15 makes “XxX YeAHs of MeSS !!” DUISBURG > HappyNewYear

Something for New Yeahs Eve…(27.12.13-02.01.14)

Thats why we invite the Messenger World to a new Drunken Idiotic Messenger Championships to the Shitt…
Nicest place on earth! Ruhrpott!


Come and celebrate New Yeahs Eve with us!
A whole week full of crazy Mess-Shit!

You remember X-Days? or ECMC-Brooklyn? Felt the heart-warming moments to be with the Mess-family? This is what you get when you come around!

Your Partners in Crime:
Strom 615-544-7387 , Hattara and Kai



I am a working bicycle!

„I am a bicycle card. Too many bicycles are being stolen. Attached to your bicycle, I can tell the would-be thief that this bicycle is needed for someone to earn their living.

I am available in DE, EN, FR, S, HU, FIN and DK. If you would like to be involved, simply send an email to and we will send you your card in your language to print out yourself.“ I am a working bicycle! weiterlesen