BMNYE Basel Messenger New Years Eve 2016

So you still don’t know where to celebrate New Years Eve? You only got invitations from boring people? You don’t wanna hang out with the family the whole week between the years?

A few Basel messengers had the same challenges. That’s why we decided to throw a little party to entertain ourselves. You are cordially invited to join us for a three day celebration of the year 2016 and an eventful start of the new year!

We put together a nice little schedule that meets the ordinary demands of a messenger on holidays. we have cheap beer, exciting races, hip party locations, finnish sauna, delicious fondue, real life courier adventures, road and track cycling, recovery and wellness activities, karaoke, dance contests, maybe goldsprints, etc., etc. .

We look very much forward to welcoming you in our little party town for some decent messlove!

heres the final schedule for the weekend:

Thursday 29th of Dec 2016

9 pm World Welcome Party and Registration: @ Cargo Bar, St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46, (make sure you register before you order a beer. there’s a special beer deal with the BMNYE wristband!)

Friday 30th. of Dec 2016

from 8am whole day: Shadow a messenger:
Join a Velogourmet, Metropol or KurierZentrale messenger during his shift or just hang and chill and explore Basel during winter time.

2pm: Scenic Tour around Basel, Starting at KurierZentrale, Dachsfelderstrasse 30
6-8 pm Dinner n Registration at KurierZentrale, Dachsfelderstr. 30
8 pm Start Monopoly Alleycat at KurierZentrale
10 pm: Party at Grenzstübli, Elsässerstr. 248

Saturday 31th of Dec 2016

Sauna all day at Schleifferei
11am Registration and Brunch at Schleifferei, Solothurnerstrasse 6
2 pm UpHill Sprints starting at Schleifferei
8 pm: New Years Eve Dinner and Party at Schleifferei
9 pm: Karaoke Gold Sprints
midnight: Fireworks and Bleigiessen, Champagne Party
1 am: Prize Giving

Sunday 1st of Jan 2017

11 am Brunch, Sauna and Clean Up at Schleifferei
12am messenger Movies, Chill Out Day, Wellness at Schleifferei
1 pm New Years Rhine Swim, start from Schleifferei
2 pm Good Bye!

ALL WEEKEND LONG: working on the Overall BCMC Manifest and collecting points for the overall win!


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