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BCMC 2014 // Monopoly Alleycat // Results // Another Race Odysee 14

Here are the results for the Monopoly Alleycat // BCMC 2014

All results are going into the Serie: Another Race Odysee 2014 ////

  1. Tomi Alpa & Janine
  2. Ali Bär (Berlin)
  3. Kai Sonnenrein
  4. Jakob Benz (St. Gallen)
  5. Martin 615-544-3989 , Carol, Cynthia, Tanja
  6. Bringi
  7. Patrick Weber
  8. Matous, Jan, Jirrka, Simon (PRG Crew)
  9. Fabian Gasser & Mereth
  10. Kevin Hedinger
  11. Beni Ackermann
  12. Fillipo & Daniele (Milano)
  13. Hagen, Leo & Flo
  14. Melanie & Piije (Biel)
  15. Tim & Martin (FFM)
  16. Adrian (Neuchâtel)
  17. Renato Frei (Berlin)
  18. Domenik SeinigeBCMC 2014

Basel Cycle Messenger Championchips 2014


After 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007 it’s time for another BCMC! The Basel crew wants YOU for a thirsty summer weekend packed with CHISTOLE like: 

Friday 29th August 2014

18h: Meet ’n Greet, Grill ’n Chill, Registration, Elisabethenpark, Bahnhof SBB

20h (sharp!!) Monopoly Alleycat, Elisabethenpark, Bahnhof SBB

22h: BCBC – Basel Courier Bar Crawl– Exploring Basels most popular courier bars, start @ cargobar, St. Johanns Rheinweg 46

Saturday. 30th August 2014

11h: Registration, Breakfast by Mischka & ALI at Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

13h: Tour des Tours de Bâle – an easy ride visiting a selection of beautiful sights of Basel:
Start @ Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

15h : Main Race Riehen, Kornfeldkirche, Kornfeldstr. 51, Riehen , as the main race is part
of an official swiss cycling road race we will start at 15h sharp – no messenger

18h: Uphill Mass Sprint St. Chrischona (rigth next to the mainrace venue)

19h: Clitorino Party: dinner by Mischka & ALI, cheap beer, Gold Sprints, Indoor Cross, Track Stand, Skids, Sauna, at Kaschemme, Lehenmattstrasse 356

Sunday, 31th August 2014

11h: Breakfast at Landestelle, Uferstrasse 90

12h: Lakejump, Sauna, Funny Games, Sprint, Skids, Prizegiving, Chillout, Landestelle,
Uferstrasse 90

16h: Prizegiving, Au revoir!

Registration open during all events. Registration Fee CHF 15.00

BCMC Website:

Online Registration:

PDF Schedule:

For realtime updates check the FB Event or

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our beautiful town :) 615-544-0050